Hello, my name is Mikey – welcome to my site.                                                                              


I am currently working as a Senior SEO Consultant at a leading digital marketing agency specialising in SEO for the worlds biggest brands. Computer Science was my degree of choice, enabling me to explore almost every avenue there is within the ‘digital marketing’ remit. This includes PPC, CRO, digital strategy and more.

SEO however is my preferred channel, having built up over 5 years worth of experience working across a multitude of different verticals.

You may wonder why the ‘MagnificentDuke’ thing, well my real name is very long and very awkward, as such it didn’t fit when choosing a Twitter username. So I went with MagnificentDuke due to an album I was listening to at the time and it’s just stuck.

I like a great deal of things, including music, football, video games, pro-wrestling, eating delicious food etc etc. I’ll probably write about a lot of those things.